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We love our community and we love our trees. Our expert staff knows just what your plants need and when, with all natural and sustainable products. Plant health care includes:

Deep root feeding to restore trees that are struggling or showing signs of decline

Foliar feeding to maintain nutrient absorption on the plant's surface

Anti-fungal treatments for plants showing unusual spotting and discoloring

An insect/pest management plan to avoid plant disease and damage

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Why Plant Health Care?

Happy Plants,
Happy Planet

Plant health care provides your plants with vital nutrients they need to thrive while also protecting them against insects and disease. Healthy plants are vital to sustainable and profitable crop production and also critical to plants used for ornamentals, natural resources, and animal feed.

Pro Tip #1

For optimal plant health, proper pruning is critical when your tree is experiencing heat stress.

Pro Tip #2

Kelp is a natural and sustainable plant food for your trees to help with heat stress and nutrient deficiency.

Pro Tip #3

Winter is the best time to prune most fruit trees because that is the time when new shoots, leaves and buds are forming.

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